• 300+ customers

    Postex is used by more than 300 customers in various industries.

  • 25%+ savings

    Customers achieve cost savings of 25% or more within 24 months.

  • 1 billion+

    More than 1 billion euros in payment requests are sent through Postex each year.

  • 9.2

    Customers rate the services of Postex with a 9.2 on average.

Postex is a Dutch technology company and the developer of the cloud platform for automating customer communications.

Our platform directs intelligent customer communication in accordance with the customer’s current and validated communication preferences.

More than 300 companies & (semi-)governmental organisations use our platform to automate customer communication, promote self-service and offer online payment options.

Recent awards

Postex is een maatschappelijk betrokken organisatie. De medewerkers van Postex zijn ervan overtuigd dat aandacht en behulpzaamheid, in welke mate dan ook, een positieve uitwerking heeft op onze omgeving. Onze maatschappelijke betrokkenheid laten we zien door mee te doen aan verschillende activiteiten in en rondom Gouda waaronder de sponsoring van de Sint-Jan kerk.

Broederschap Sint Jan

WWF Business Supporter

Postex is the proud Business Supporter of the World Wildlife Fund. We believe it is important to contribute to sustainability and a healthy planet. With the help of our support, WWF gives forest back to the earth. The goal of the partnership is to plant and protect 1 trillion trees in the Atlantic Rainforest. A forest is more than a sum of trees. A forest is a balanced ecosystem of trees, plants and animals. A forest is also of vital importance to us as humans. It provides us with food, takes care of our water management and is an important partner in the fight against climate change. Forests are incredibly important, yet we are losing them at an alarming rate. Together with WWF we give forest back to the earth. In this way we make a positive contribution to the climate and biodiversity.

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